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Recognize that your printer manufacturer has made the cartridge to be disposable and wants you to buy another one when ink runs out. You are attempting to not to do this but save up to 90% of the cost. Therefore, treat your cartridge as an ASSET not as a disposable item.

Most cartridges that have print heads built onto them (Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, some Canon) can successfully be refilled 5 - 10 times before they should or need to be replaced. Cartridges that do not have built-on print heads can generally be refilled 15 - 30 times before they should be replaced. The internal sponge will eventually wear out.

Please, read a Refilling guide carefully before refilling. Find your printer's brand and model from the instructions page. Follow the general refilling hints:

  1. Try to refill cartridge before it is finally empty;
  2. Remove cartridge from printer before refilling;
  3. Conduct the refilling operation over a protected surface and avoid spills;
  4. Handle cartridges carefully and avoid touching metallic parts;
  5. If cartridges with a print head are stored after refilling, the print nozzles should be cleaned before use, to remove any dried ink which may block them.
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