Transfer Paper [06.10.2011]

We have developed new T-shirt transfer paper with imported materials. The cost is much lower than before even though the quality is much better than previous products. Regarding special media, our Metallic T-shirt Transfer Paper & Glow in dark Transfer Paper are very special in the market. Also, Magnetic glossy photo paper is a favorite in many homes as it can be put on the refrigerator door.

  • T-shirt transfer paper for light or dark fabric: A4x5, packed in Fullcolors wallet;
  • Glow in dark or Metallic: A4x5 with color wallet;
  • 690 gsm Magnetic glossy paper: 4Rx5 or A4x5 with color wallet;

Indigo Photo Paper (certificated by HP), which is used for high quality photo book production on HP Indigo presses. High glossiness, much closer to silver halide. No need of Lamination on the surface as the paper itself is scratch safe and the quality is much better than bond papers. The color showed on indigo papers are brilliant, while on bond papers the color is more gloomy.

  • 200gsm Resin-coated Luster (Luster surface);
  • 270gsm Resin-coated Luster (Luster surface);
  • 240gsm Resin-coated Pearl (Pearl surface);
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