Chip resetting--> Epson chip resetter

Most Epson chipped cartridges send an "empty" message to the printer, and will not print even if you refill them. The chip resetter re-programs these cartridges to read "full" and then it can be refilled as normal following the instructions for that cartridge.

7-contact Chip Resetter reprograms the cartridges for printers Epson 680, 685, 777, 780, 790, 795, 810, 820, 830, 870, 875, 890, 895, 900, 915, 925, 935, 950, 960, 1270, 1280, 1290, 2000P, 2100, 2200, C42, C43, C44, C60, C62, C64, C70, C80, C82, C84, C90, CX3200, CX6300, CX6400, R200, R300, R800, RX500, RX600,...
Generally, for all 7-pin chipped cartridges

9-contact Chip Resetter reprograms cartridges T0711...T0714, T0771...T0776, T0781...T0786, T0791...T0796, T0801...T0806 for printers Epson D78, D92, D120, DX4000, DX4050, DX4400, DX4450, DX5000, DX5050, DX6000, DX6050, DX7000, R260, R265, R360, R380, RX560, RX580, 1400, 1410,...
Generally, for all 9-pin chipped cartridges

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